Neuspera® Mid-Field Powering uses the body as a natural waveguide to direct energy.

Neuspera's® Patented Mid-Field Powering technology uses evanescent and propagating electromagnetic waves to power implanted medical devices to beyond 10cm of depth. We use the body as a natural waveguide to focus power ensuring energy is delivered to where it is needed. Leveraging efficient power transfer, our power receiver can be less than a few millimeters in size. With these dimensions, the implanted devices can be inserted to target anatomies that were previously inaccessible. When used to power electrical stimulators, these devices have successfully paced a heart and treated neurological disease.

Let Neuspera® power your neural interface.

NeuMod Platform

Neuspera® Mid-Field Powering provides milliwatts of power to ultra-miniaturized devices. While large amounts of power can be harvested from superficial targets, the technology shines when transmitting through bone, fat and muscle to deep tissue targets. A single compact transmitter can even steer power to multiple implants. The power harvesting unit can be attached to a variety of interfaces to sense or treat deep brain regions, peripheral nerves, cardiac muscle or ganglia. 

Midfield Tech