Alexander Yeh

Alexander Yeh, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Alexander J. Yeh is Founder, CTO, and Director of Neuspera® Medical Inc. His areas of specialty include wireless power transfer, neurophysiology, RFIC design, wireless communications, and semiconductor packaging.

Alex founded Neuspera® (formerly Vivonda Medical Inc.) to translate the work he advanced during his Ph.D. candidacy at Stanford University. He successfully developed devices and conducted experiments that demonstrated midfield power transfer to deeply implanted miniature devices in preclinical models as outlined in his dissertation, “Wireless Powering and Communications for mm-Sized Pacemakers, Sensors, Neuromodulators, And Optogenetics.”

Prior to joining Stanford, he was a researcher in communication algorithms for 60 GHz wireless systems and worked as an engineer in a startup, TagArray, developing UWB RFID products.  

Alex has a M.S. and Ph.D. from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering, and has a BS in Electrical Engineering and BA in Economics from University of California- Los Angeles. He is named in over 75 patents, patent applications, and academic papers related to implantable medical devices. He also serves on the board of Greenliant Systems, Ltd.